‘Good looking, young groom finally decides to settle down,’ reports Murdoch press

TILL DEATH DO US PART: Media outlets under the Murdoch empire are today jubilantly reported the marriage of their spry, young-at-heart boss, Rupert Murdoch, who at the tender age of 93, has finally decided to settle down.

At Murdoch’s exclusive Bel Air vineyard, the former Fox and News Corp chairman married 67-year-old Elena Zhukova after a short engagement.

“This time it’s for good,” he confidently told the Daily Telegraph, in a front page story which made no mention of the fact that this was his fifth wedding.

Meantime, another newspaper in the Murdoch stable – The Australian is quoting Murdoch’s new wife Elena Zhukova, 67, saying: “I never thought I’d marry a 93 year old, but when I saw his rig, I couldn’t resist.”

“Rupert is such a sexy and compassionate young man.”

The report also says Ms Zhukova “has no idea” that Rupert Murdoch is a billionaire.

“I’ve no idea about his work history,” she is quoted as saying.

“A few months ago he just came up to me on the beach with his shirt off and said ‘hi’, and from that moment I knew I had to be with him. He’s amazing in bed FYI.”