For the last decade Ferrero Rocher chocolates have been the number one go-to generic, thoughtless Christmas gift.

But all that has changed with new data showing Lindt Balls chocolates have moved into the top spot.

“Our research shows more than two million Australians will receive Lindt Balls as a Christmas gift this year,” says Phil Hegarty from consumer group Choice.

“It’s the gift to give when you don’t really know the recipient that well, or have any real interest in them.”

The research also shows the average box of Lindt Balls is re-gifted 3 times.

“We suspect many boxes given as presents this year were also gifted last Christmas,” says Phil Hegarty.

Taking out the third most popular generic, thoughtless present is wine followed closely by gift cards.

“People who regularly give these kind of gifts should probably think about getting a bit more creative, or even better giving up all together.”