Federal Police Deploy Westpac Rescue Helicopter In Desperate Search For Scott Morrison

A dramatic search and rescue operation is underway as authorities attempt to locate Australia’s Prime Minister.

Scott Morrison hasn’t been seen or heard for six days, despite the country in the grip of the pandemic, and with huge questions over Australia’s sluggish vaccine rollout.

Separately, the Liberal Party is under attack by former Federal MP Julia Banks.

“We really hope he’s ok,” says Police Commissioner Roy Stark.

“We’re fairly certain he’s somewhere in NSW and we have the Westpac chopper currently circling the state, looking for any signs of the PM from the air.”

Separately SES volunteers are searching bushland near Kirribilli House.

“Please help us find Scott,” says wife Jenny Morrison. “He’s gone missing before, but never for this long.”

Today Scott Morrison was added to the national register of missing persons.

And the Australian Federal Police is also offering a 100,000 cash reward for anyone with information leading authorities to find him.

Hillsong Church was not available for comment.