Extra Police Now Patrolling Parliament House To Ensure Security Guards Don’t Enter Certain Rooms

More than 500 extra police officers will patrol the corridors of power at Federal Parliament House, under a new security initiative announced by the Attorney General.

“The police will be ensuring security guards don’t enter certain rooms willy nilly,” says Christian Porter. “Like all citizens, MP’s also deserve the basic right to privacy.”

It follows claims that MP’s are using Parliament offices for sex, and seperate revelations that a security guard entered a room after an alleged rape.

“Security guards cannot be trusted, especially when they leak details to the ABC,” says the Attorney General. “That’s why we’re bringing in the police as well.”

The new ‘Parliamentary Police Force’ will be spearheaded by NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller.

“We will be ensuring MP’s remain safe,” says Fuller. “The PM has ordered me to get the house back in order.”

More to come.