Daniel Andrews’ North Face jacket collection to go on display at the Melbourne Museum

ADVENTURE MAN: The former Victorian Premier has announced that his coveted North Face jacket collection will be going on display at the prestigious Melbourne Museum.

“I’m sharing my North Face jacket collection with the people of Victoria,” Daniel Andrews said, while wearing one of the jackets, in a hastily arranged press conference today.

Labor voters are clamoring for a glimpse of the iconic jackets that have become synonymous with his public image.

He’s well-known for wearing North Face jackets during covid press conferences, despite pandemic having absolutely nothing to do with outdoor adventure sports. 

It remains unclear exactly how many jackets made up the collection. 

“Our exhibition is a unique and fashionable addition to Melbourne’s cultural landscape,” says a Melbourne Museum curator. 

North Face has been announced as the event sponsor but it remains unclear how much Dan Andrews will pocket.