Covid Vaccine To Be Administered To Bondi Residents In Powder Form, Snorted Off An iPhone

Early signs of community resistance to getting the Covid-19 vaccine has led authorities to consider new ways of administering the drug.

“Our research has found Bondi residents are happy to snort basically anything that comes their way on an iPhone,” says Dan McIntyre from NSW Health.

“We need a certain percentage of the population to get vaccinated, and this seems like an obvious solution.”

NSW Health has negotiated with Pfizer to produce the Covid vaccine in powder form exclusively for Bondi’s growing number of anti-vaxxer residents.

“Those getting vaccinated will be asked to snort two large lines of the vaccine,” says Dan McIntyre. “But they must use their own phone and note for Covid safety reasons.”

NSW Health says it expects around 25,000 doses of the vaccine to be administered each month in Bondi pharmacies when the immunisation program begins next year.

“We’re also planning to have a mobile vaccination unit available at various pubs and clubs around Sydney’s east,” says NSW Health.