Coronavirus Lockout Laws Announced For All Sydney Bars & Clubs, Except Star Casino

The state government says the escalating spread of the coronavirus has forced it into drastic action.

“We’re ordering all bars, pubs and clubs to close,” says Gladys Berejiklian “We understand the economic impact will be large, but it’s for your safety.”

The coronavirus lockout laws will commence on March 25.

“Cancelling events and social distancing is simply not enough,” says the Premier. “That’s why we’re putting Sydney’s entire hospitality industry into lockdown.”

However Ms Berejiklian says one venue is exempt; Star Casino.

“People need at least one place to go and unwind, and if they don’t mind taking risks, they probably like gambling also,” she says.

It comes after an earlier version of Sydney’s lockout laws were wound back in January.

The government says the latest lockouts will be reviewed “if and when” the coronavirus pandemic eases.

More to come.