“Christian Wilkins’ outfit is offensive!” claims man wearing Bintang singlet, Eels NRL shorts and a pair of Crocs

FASHION FAUX PAS: The outfit Christian Wilkins wore to last night’s Aria awards has drawn an unsettling response.

The 28 year old arrived at the star-studded event in a sheer dress, to the dismay of many, including one man from Sydney’s west.

“I find that outfit offensive,” says Gareth Riley-James. “What self-respecting bloke would go out dressed like that!?”

It comes despite Mr Riley-James wearing the same outfit virtually every day for the last month: A Bintang singlet, Eels shorts and a pair of Crocs.

The controversy quickly made its way onto social media, with memes and witty comments highlighting the irony of a man in Crocs criticising anyone else’s attire.

“When a guy in Crocs and an Eels singlet critiques your outfit, you know you’re doing something right.” posted one man on Facebook.

“Fashion tip of the day: If a guy in Crocs calls your outfit ‘offensive,’ you’re basically a fashion icon,” wrote another.