COVID BANTER: Despite spending most of their break stressing about covid-19, two office workers have again found themselves deeply entrenched in a conversation about the pandemic.

“So how was your Christmas break, did you get covid? hahah,” one worker asked their colleague who sits at a desk nearby.

“No, but literally everyone else I know has it,” replied the other.

As their first depressing day back at work at a Melbourne law firm gets underway, there are no signs the conversation will come to an end.

“So did you manage to find yourself any rapid antigen tests?” one asked.

“I had a few but they’re all gone now,” came the reply. “I can’t believe the federal government is not making them available for free. It’s an absolute joke.”

From there, the chat moved into an analysis of the differences between Delta and Omicron.

“I think Omicron could be our way out of the pandemic,” speculated one worker.

At 10.30am the conversation is entering its 50th minute.

This is an unfolding story. DBT will keep you posted with any developments.

More to come.