Calls for inquiry into how Sydney is among the world’s most expensive cities, but you can’t even buy a decent coffee after 4pm

COFFEE CRISIS: Caffeine enthusiasts are calling on the NSW government to launch a full inquiry into the glaring lack of decent coffee options after 4pm.

“It’s an absolute embarrassment to our city which is known for its quality barista coffee culture,” says one coffee lover.

“I regularly have to resort to instant coffee after the dreaded 4pm cutoff.”

“We’re calling for a full inquiry, and if our voices are not heard, we’ll be calling for a Royal Commission into the matter.”

The NSW Premier is so far shrugging off the calls.

“You can always go to a McCafe,” says Chris Minns. “There’s hundreds of them all around the state. Or the Starbucks on George street closes at 9pm.”

“The problem is that smaller independent coffee shops can’t afford to pay staff into the afternoon when coffee demand decreases.”

But coffee lovers say the lack of high-quality coffee options after 4 PM only adds insult to injury for weary Sydneysiders, who rely on caffeine to survive the city’s punishing pace and cost of living.

“We’re all forced to work so hard to survive the cost of living crisis,” says one man.

“But after 4pm we are left completely high and dry.”