BRUTAL DUMPING: MAFS producers reveal Duncan used ChatGPT to write his final vows

FINAL FAREWELL: MAFS fans watched Duncan dump his wife Alyssa during final vows last night, & today it’s been revealed his speech was written entirely by artificial intelligence.
“Duncan was really confused about what to say to wife Alyssa,” a MAFS producer told DBT.
“He also couldn’t be bothered writing it, so he used ChatGPT to do it for him.”
DBT understands Duncan asked the AI chat bot to: ‘Write a short speech to my wife announcing that I’m leaving her.’
Alyssa was left heartbroken by the AI generated speech, and she walked away crying.
But Duncan remained largely void of any emotion.
“It was a fairly robotic delivery to be honest,” said the producer. “He just memorised the whole thing.”