#BREAKING: Woolworths Bans Unvaccinated Shoppers From Squeezing Avocados Before Selecting One

Woolworths is being accused of discriminating against anti-vaxxers, after the retailer announced tough new rules for shoppers buying avocados.

“From 3pm today, unvaccinated shoppers will not be able to touch an avocado unless they purchase it,” says Woolworths spokesperson Will Knight.

Shoppers around the country will be asked to show their vaccine passport before being allowed to squeeze more than one avocado.

“This is blatant discrimination,” says local anti-vaxxer Kate Moore. “I normally need to squeeze at least four avocados before finding a half decent one.”

“It’s not my fault they always have such crappy fruit and veg. Plus vaccinated people can still carry covid anyway.”

It remains unclear if Coles and Harris Farm will also implement the new rules.

More to come.