#BREAKING: Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine Now Available For Sale Globally On eBay

Russia’s groundbreaking coronavirus vaccine is now available on the popular ecommerce platform eBay.

“We’re working quickly to make the vaccine available to as many people as possible,” says Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Together, we can now definitely stop the spread.”

The vaccine, branded only as ‘Russia’s Covid-19 Vaccine’ is selling for $19.99 AUD per dose.

“We’re offering free shipping to anywhere in the world,” says Vladimir Putin. “But get in quick because demand is already high and supplies are limited.”

But global virus experts are urging caution in the absence of any proof of the vaccine’s safety or effectiveness.

It’s being sold on a new eBay account which is run by the Kremlin.

“Our eBay feedback score is still zero, but that will soon change,” says Putin. “My daughter promised to give feedback after she trialled the vaccine yesterday.”

Despite Russia currently having more than 900,000 Covid cases, Vladimir Putin has pledged to start winding back all social distancing restrictions in the country.

“We no longer need restrictions,” he says. “Finally we can all get back to life as we used to know it.”