#BREAKING: Qantas CEO Unable To Get To Work Due To Train Delays & Cancellations

POT KETTLE BLACK: The Qantas CEO is today lashing out at Sydney trains, as strike activity causes delays and cancellations across the rail network.

Alan Joyce arrived at Central Station this morning on his way to work, but he was forced to return home after waiting 45 minutes for a train service which was eventually cancelled.

“What a fucking waste of time,” he told DBT. “How can they run a transport network and simply just cancel services without any reasonable notice to passengers?”

It’s understood Mr Joyce recently stopped driving to work because of Sydney’s heavy traffic.

“That’s why I use the train now,” he says. “But these delays and cancellations are unacceptable.”

“I don’t care if they have staff shortages, these public service bureaucrats are an absolute joke.”

It’s understood Mr Joyce has told staff he’ll be working remotely today.