#BREAKING: Kyle Sandilands dumped at altar, in cruel radio stunt against him for KIIS 1065

SHOCKED JOCK: Kyle Sandilands has been on the receiving end of an elaborate radio stunt at his wedding.

During the vows, the controversial shock jock was left red faced when his ‘fiance’ Tegan Kynaston said “I do not,” instead of “I do.”

“Our three year relationship was just a prank from day one,” says Ms Kynaston. “The stunt was organised by Jacki O. We got him good. haha!”

DBT understands Sandilands’ wedding party and the Prime Minister knew of the hoax, but other guests were taken by surprise when Sandilands left the venue in embarrassment.

He was unavailable for comment. Ms Kynaston says she’s looking forward to being single again now that the elaborate and long-running hoax is finally over.

“I mean, please!! As if I’d never be with him in real life,” she says. “He’d be seriously punching.”