#BREAKING: Cafe Worker Removes Sandwich From Toaster Without Being Reminded By Customer

A Sydney cafe worker is being praised for showing unprecedented initiative while working today.

Matt Nagle remembered to remove a toasted sandwich from the toaster without being prompted by the customer.

“I was feeling particularly on point today,” says the 24 year old. “I think not partying for the last four months in lockdown might have saved me a few brain cells.”

The customer was surprised and appreciative.

“Matt went above and beyond for me today,” says Jeff Sauter. “He was busy in there with other customers also. I can’t believe he remembered to take out my toasty.”

The Restaurant & Cafe Industry Association says this kind of initiative is rare.

“As far as we know, this rarely happens in Australia,” says CEO April Masters. “Our research shows toasted sandwiches are over cooked on 93% of occasions.”