Army Shuts Down TV Show After The Bachelor Tried Including 23 Women In His Singles Bubble

Filming of Network TEN’s reality TV show ‘The Bachelor’ has come to abrupt end after the Australian Defence Force stormed the Bachelor mansion this afternoon.

“We have to be consistent in our enforcement of public health orders,” says Defence Force Chief Angus Campbell. “The Bachelor is subject to all the same rules other civilians are.”

Yesterday the army announced its helping to enforce social distancing rules, including the new ‘singles bubble’ rule, allowing singles to choose one person to visit their home.

“With 23 women to choose from, The Bachelor is setting a bad example to singles stuck in lockdown at home with only one person to choose from,” says Angus Marshall.

“That’s why we stepped in to shut the show down.”

Several heavily armed troops launched the surprise attack on mansion, catching the Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson and the 23 female contestants completely by surprise.

The ADF says there were no casualties as Network TEN executives agreed to immediately end production.