Bondi Woman Applies For Flood Relief Payment, After Being Forced To Cancel Her Trip To Byron

FLOOD IMPACT: The ongoing flood crisis in Northern NSW is having a dramatic impact on one Bondi woman.

Jodie Cullen had booked a two week holiday to Byron Bay, but she’s been forced to cancel due to road closures around Ballina airport where she was due to touch down.

“Trust my luck,” the wellness influencer told DBT. “First I had to cancel my trip to Byron due to covid, and now this!”

Ms Cullen is expected to get a full refund on her flights and accommodation.

But she’s applying for the state government’s $1000 flood relief payment, claiming significant inconvenience.

“Now I wont be able to post any sunrise photos at the lighthouse or at Raes on Wategos,” she says.

“Surely I should qualify for some kind of assistance.”