Andrew Forrest Eats Bat Soup On Tour Of Controversial Wuhan Wet Market

Australian mining billionaire Andrew Forrest has toured the Wuhan wet market which is thought to be ground zero of the coronavirus.

“A few hours ago I ate some bat soup here. It was a taste sensation and to be honest, I’m feeling great,” says Forrest.

It follows the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison scolding the World Health Organisation for supporting the reopening of China’s wet markets.

“Don’t worry Scott, you can trust me mate,” says Forrest. “This market is totally clean, safe and ready for business. I’m actually coming back here tomorrow to eat some dogs.”

In recent diplomatic tensions between Australia and China, Andrew Forrest has been accused of siding with China.

He denies ambushing Australia’s federal health minister by inviting a Chinese diplomat to an official press conference in Melbourne yesterday.

“Ah whatever,” he told reporters. “Australia needs me, China needs me. I’ll whatever the fuck I want.”

More to come.