5km Rule: Dover Heights Man Purchases Home At Little Bay So He Can Play At NSW Golf Club

COVID HACK: A Dover Heights man has forked out $2.1 million dollars, in a desperate bid to play at his favourite golf course.

“I’m actually a member at NSW, but I can’t play there because it’s more than 20ks from my place at Dover Heights,” says Jason Gillings. “And every other course is booked out!”

So the enterprising 31 year old found a loop hole in the 5km rule, by purchasing a town house at Little Bay.

“So now on my drivers license it says I live at Little Bay!” he told DBT. “How good!? I’d barely even heard of Little Bay before now.”

The stay at home trust fund recipient says he’s playing golf pretty much every day during lockdown.

But Jason Gillings also revealed that he’s still living in Dover Heights.

“Little Bay? Please! Do you really think I would stay here overnight? hahah” he said.