61% Of Sydney Residents Plan On Taking A Sleeping Pill Before 10.30pm Tonight: Report

KNOCKOUT BLOW: If you’re thinking of not doing anything tonight for New Year’s Eve, you’re not alone.

A new report by consumer group Choice shows fear about exploding covid case numbers is leading unprecedented numbers of Sydney residents to take sleeping pills.

“Our research shows 61% of Sydney-siders plan on taking a sleeping tablet before 10.30pm tonight,” says Choice’s Damien Sutton.

“That’s up from a New Year’s Eve average of 8%.”

Growing uncertainty around Omicron has led to the cancellation of thousands of parties.

“There is literally no point being awake tonight,” says one man. “I’m going to pop a Stilnox at about 8.30pm and try ride it for a few hours.”

“I’m ready to put 2021 to bed.”