“Young People Get So Easily Offended These Days,” Says Boomer Offended By Grace Tame

OFF POINT: A Sydney boomer has taken exception with Grace Tame’s National Press Club address yesterday.

“Honestly I’m getting so sick of this girl,” Paul Partridge shouted at his TV. “She’s not Australian of The Year anymore. It’s time she shut up.”

In her speech, Grace Tame claimed she was called by a senior staffer of a government-funded organisation, urging her not to criticise the PM.

“Oh please! This young girl is just a puppet for Labor at this point,” claims Paul Partridge. “And she reminds me of that bloody Greta Thunberg.”

The 71 year old says young people get so easily offended these days, and he’s taking aim at Ms Tame’s animated facial expressions.

“Why does she always look so upset?” he asks, despite the fact that she was raped when she was 15 years old by her 58 year old teacher.

“She looks like a spoilt child who didn’t get her way.”