‘You left the toilet seat up!’ yells woman who left entire bathroom looking like a war zone

BATHROOM BATTLEFIELD: A local woman is being accused of having double standards after lashing out at her boyfriend for allegedly leaving the toilet seat up.

Amid her rage, Kate Garrick strategically ignored the fact that she’d left the bathroom resembling a war zone again following her extensive morning cosmetic routine.

“She’s an utter disgrace,” her boyfriend told DBT. “Our bathroom looks like a tornado swept through the Maybelline factory or something.”

“Sure, I left the seat up, but look at what I have to deal with!” he said, gesturing to the hundreds of make-up and personal care products randomly strewn across the room.

Amongst the mess was a hair straightener, still plugged in and precariously dangling from the edge of the sink.

“And let’s not forget the fact that there is hair absolutely everywhere, including clogging all the drains.”

Ms Garrick has threatened to move out if her boyfriend continues to leave the toilet seat up.

“And that’s exactly what he plans to do,” he says.

More to come.