Woolworths’ New Face Mask Policy Revealed As Strategy To Reduce Grape Theft

Woolworths’ new policy encouraging shoppers to wear face masks has been revealed as a ploy to prevent them stealing grapes.

“Publicly the policy is being implemented under the guise of stopping the spread of Coronavirus,” says a head office employee who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

“But it actually has nothing to do with Coronavirus.”

A leaked report shows Woolworths customers steal more 320 million grapes per year, costing the grocery giant more than $100,000.

“It’s a cost management is no longer willing to bear,” says the Woolworths insider. “They know wearing a face mask makes stealing and eating grapes in store much more difficult.”

Woolworths is stopping short of making face mask use compulsory, only saying it’s ‘strongly encouraged.’

“But customers need to know that if they don’t wear a mask, security will be watching them very closely, particularly around the fruit and veg section,” says the insider.

Woolworths new face mask advice applies from Monday.

Coles is expected to follow suit.