TIME SQUEEZE: Woolworths says heavy congestion in its fruit and vegetable sections is the reason its crackdown on customers who take too long selecting avocados.

“From next Thursday, customers will have 60 seconds to choose their avocados,” says Woolworths’ Customer Experience Lead Andrew McIntyre.

“Anyone taking longer than 1 minute will be politely asked to move on from the immediate vicinity around the avocado stand.”

But some customers say the new time limit is a step too far.

“It’s not our fault most of their avocados are rubbish,” says shopper Jason Aruda.

“They are usually so soft that it feels like it might collapse in your hand, or so hard that it’ll still be hard in three weeks time.”

Jason Aruda says he’ll continue to take as long as he wants at the avocado stand.

“Come get me supermarket police. Arrest me.”