Supermarkets Voted Best Place To Socialise During Covid-19

A new report by consumer group Choice has found supermarkets are currently the most popular place to socialise.

“Our research shows people are arranging to meet friends at supermarkets, or going there in the hope of bumping into people they know,” says Choice’s Sam Warren.

Choice’s survey of 2000 Australians found 73% of respondents voted the fruit and vegetable section as their favourite Covid-19 hang out spot.

“Meeting friends at a supermarket is better than meeting them in a park – there are no police breathing down your neck,” says local woman Jemma Phillips.

“And at Woolworths Double Bay for example, there’s a Dan Murphy’s next door, so you can easily grab a drink afterwards if you feel like it.”

The survey also found a growing proportion of Australians are going to the supermarket without buying anything.

The full report is available on Choice’s website.