Woman’s ‘What I Eat In A Day’ Instagram reel neglects to mention the 3 lines she had after lunch

ENERGY BOOST: A local health and wellness influencer is under fire over an Instagram reel she posted, setting out what she eats in a day.

The video begins with a sunrise yoga session, followed by an avocado toast and an açai smoothie bowl breakfast, and a lunch of fresh fruit and vegetables.

But Hannah Henry’s daily food plan is being debunked by a seperate photo (above) showing the 28 year old engaged in something other than clean eating.

“I took this photo of her at North Bondi Fish, hoovering 3 lines in the space of about five minutes,” says the witness who took the photo and shared it with DBT.

“It’s no wonder she didn’t end up having much for dinner.”

Dieticians are urging Instagram users to ignore ‘What I eat in a day’ reels, as they promote a bland – and unrealistically small – daily food intake.

“Plus, if you don’t have all day to focus on food preparation, and also live right next to a health food store, you’ve got no chance of sticking to it,” says one dietician.

DBT reached out to Hannah Henry for comment about the photo of her allegedly using illicit drugs, but she’s yet to respond.