A local woman has had a surprisingly warm reception to her ‘Throw Back Friday’ Instagram post.

Seizing on the opportunity of today being Friday, 29 year old Lucy Taverner shared a photo of her in Mykonos from three years ago.

“I’m really happy for all my friends currently in Mykonos,” she told Double Bay Today. “I just thought it would be a good time to dig up the old photo of me in the same place they are all in now.”

The photo – which shows Lucy Taverner looking significantly thinner than she currently is –¬†has so far racked up an impressive 34 likes after 1.5 hours.

“That’s about the same¬†amount of likes my friends currently in Mykonos are getting on their posts,” claims Taverner. “But admittedly some people who liked my post may actually think I’m in Mykonos now.”

It’s understood none of her friends in Mykonos are among those to like her post.

More to come.


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