Sydney’s Leanne West is among the fast growing numbers of people wearing surgical masks to work to protect themselves from the deadly Coronavirus.

However it’s been revealed the 27 year old has a more relaxed outlook on the virus after the sun goes down.

“She made out with at least two different random men last night,” says one of her colleagues. “But then she rocks up to work today in a face mask looking like an ice queen.”

Ms West wasn’t available for an interview with DBT, but in a statement she wrote:

“I’ve recently become single, so I’m making the most of it, and unfortunately that means living with the risk of contracting the virus at night. It’s all about balance.”

Either way, experts say the type of surgical mask which she’s wearing during the day is completely ineffective.

They say the only potentially effective mask is the N95. However there is no recommendation from health agencies for the general public to them.

More to come.