A beauty blogger and aspiring model has been forced to defend herself for having exactly the same pose and smile for every photo.

An anonymous friend of Carly Chisari sent Double Bay Today five of her most recent Instagram photos.

“She looks like a cardboard cut-out with different clothes on for each pic,” says the friend.

But Carly Chisari is fending off the criticism, saying it comes down to jealousy.

“I’m a beauty blogger,” she says. “I know what works for me.”

The 26 year old is adamant the left side of her face is more attractive.

“I learnt the hard way,” she says. “Recently a photo emerged online of the right side of my face. I had to make a submission to Google to have it removed.”

She says no matter the situation, nobody should ever stand front-on to camera.

“Everyone should work out what works best for themselves in photos,” she says. “It’s called getting in touch with yourself.”


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