A Sydney woman is being accused of using a religious holiday as an excuse to dress like a Playboy bunny.

Cynthia Cardiff is currently doing everything she can to draw attention to herself at a local beer garden.

“It’s midday on Good Friday at the Sheaf and she’s dressed up like something out of the Playboy mansion,” said one onlooker.

“I’m still coming to terms with how she thinks Easter and Playboy bunnies are in any way connected.”

Even Ms Cardiff’s friends are distancing themselves from her.

“Cynthia knows nothing about Easter, or the significance of Easter eggs or the Easter bunny. She’s literally just trying to get attention from men.”

It’s understood the 24 year old also dresses up in inappropriately seductive ways at Halloween.

“Last Halloween she dressed up as a ‘Zombie Lingerie Model’ whatever that is,” says the friend. “She’s out of control.”

Cynthia Cardiff didn’t return Double Bay Today’s calls for an interview.