A Tinder hook up last week in Sydney is fast heading into relationship territory.

“After our first meeting, we had a second fantastic date, but our third date on seemed slightly off,” says Justine Sparrow. “I just want to make sure we’re on the same track.”

So Ms Sparrow has taken her new flame Chris Castle for a couple’s therapy session.

“Ultimately I’d like Chris and I to be exclusive and Facebook offical within the next 10 days,” says Ms Sparrow. “There’s just a couple of issues we need to work through first.”

She says Chris was reluctant about going to therapy at first.

“But our first session was constructive and we have another session booked in for Monday afternoon.”

“We discussed going halves in the counselling costs, but who knows? Maybe chivalry will win in the end.”

Chris Castle was not available for comment.

More to come.