The long weekend has taken a huge toll on 24 year old Amy Shannon.

She’s begun her long and painful recovery from four consecutive days of treating her body like an amusement park.

“So far Amy is progressing well,” says her rehab therapist Ivan Brasic. “But it’s still very early days.”

Ms Shannon made up for the last 12 months of Covid restrictions over the long weekend, with a 4-day blur of nightclubs, beach sessions, house parties and Tinder dates.

She emailed her bosses late last night to say she won’t be working today.

Instead she’s checked into a rehab facility in north west Sydney.

“Amy did manage to get 4 hours sleep last night after being munted for almost 90 hours straight,” says Ivan Brasic.

“The first priority is to get her moving to ensure blood circulation.”

This afternoon therapists expect to begin the delicate process of introducing water and potentially even food.

“She says she likes Vegemite on toast, but we’re withholding the Vegemite today as the high salt content could inflame the many lacerations inside her mouth.”

By Thursday the team plan to have Amy walking unassisted.

Then she’ll be transferred to the psyche ward, where a team of psychologists and other mental health experts will monitor her fragile emotional state.

“She’s a very brave young woman,” say therapists.