Woman Battling Boredom & Depression Posts Photo Of ‘Quarantini’ To Suggest She’s Having Fun

A woman whose hopes and dreams have been completely ripped apart by covid is trying to remain upbeat on social media.

Tracey Simmonds’ career has been destroyed, she’s watched everything on Netflix, Stan and Binge, and she’s put on 10 kilograms in the last three months.

But today she posted a photo of a ‘Quarantini,’ in a desperate bid to try show her friends that she’s holding it together.

“Lockdown ain’t so bad,” she captioned the photo. “Nothing like a Quarantini to get you through. Whoo hoo!.”

But behind the scenes it’s a very different story.

The 29 year old is in the kind of depths of despair that would lead someone to think it’s funny and original to combine the words ‘quarantine’ & ‘Martini’ and post it to instagram.

“Ok, I can admit now it’s lame,” she told DBT. “But I’ve literally got nothing else happening in my life.”

At press time her ‘Quarantini’ photo has attracted 11 likes, after she posted it four hours ago.

Others considering posting photos of their Quarantini’s are urged to go for a walk or clean out their cupboards instead.