PEDAL POWER: An influx of shoppers spending hours searching for cars in the Westfield Bondi Junction car park has led centre management to offer an innovative solution.

“Combing the car park on foot without any real clue where your car is can be a tiresome and frustrating experience,” says Westfield’s David Ferrier.
“That’s why we are offering bicycles to help speed up the process.”
For $5 dollars shoppers can hire a bike and ride for an unlimited time within the car park until they find their vehicles.
“We’re still advising people to take a quick photo of their parking bay before leaving their vehicle, but unfortunately for many, not even that seems to help,” says David Ferrier.
Westfield says it has no plans to roll out the service in any of its other shopping centres.
“It’s mainly something which only seems to effect people in the eastern suburbs for some reason,” he says.