“Let’s catch up sometime,” says former colleague you never even spoke to when working together

DIGGING DEEP: A chance encounter in the street between two former colleagues has led to a completely unwarranted suggestion by one of them to “catch up sometime.”

“It caught me by surprise,” Angela Hill told DBT. “It’s a bit rich to call it a “catch up” when you’ve literally never met them before.”

Ms Hill and her former colleague suggesting the catch up worked together at Deloitte more than seven years ago.

But they were in different departments and reportedly never even spoke once.

“I think the closest interaction we ever had at work was an awkward nod in the bathroom one time,” says Angela Hill. “Hard to see how that warrants a “catch up.”

Ms Hill says she suspects her former colleague might be going through a mid-life crisis.

“Maybe she’s reaching out to people from her past in a desperate attempt to regain some lost sense of connection.”

“Or maybe she’s about to launch some sort of pyramid scheme.”

The awkward encounter ended with the pair following each other on Instagram.

“If she ever follows through, I’m 100% going to leave her message unread,” says Ms Hill.

“I’m sure she’s lovely, but it’s hard enough finding time to hang out with my actual friends.”