Victorians Given 24 Hours To Scramble Into New South Wales

Hundreds of thousands of Victorians have begun a mad rush to cross the border into New South Wales this morning.

Traffic around border towns is already building rapidly, only minutes after authorities announced the border between the two states will close tomorrow night.

“There’s no way, I’m staying here in Victoria,” says one Melbourne man waiting in his car near the border.

“Firstly, Coronavirus is rampant here, and secondly Victoria is just a shit state.”

Over the last week, thousands of Victorians have already crossed the border into NSW as Victoria’s Covid-19 infection rates surge.

“Apparently in NSW, hotel quarantine security guards don’t sleep with the guests, so that’s a big factor in support of getting out of Victoria,” says another Melbourne man.

“Also Melbourne is just boring and cold. And who knows how long lockdown will last.”

It’s understood Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is among the Victorians currently trying to escape into NSW.

“It’s much safer for Mr Andrews to manage Victoria’s Covid outbreak remotely from NSW,” says a government spokesperson.

Mr Andrews was not immediately available for comment.