Victorian Teenager With Acne Problem Grateful For Mandatory Face Masks

Victoria’s mandatory face mask rules have come as a big relief to one young Victorian man.

Nineteen year old Tom Ridley suffers with bad facial acne and says his quality of life has improved dramatically since face masks became compulsory when leaving home.

“I haven’t looked this good in a while and I feel way more secure in myself,” he says.

Tom Ridley also says the new rules have allowed him to ditch his laborious skin care routine.

“I reckon I’ve saved about three hours in the bathroom this week alone,” he says. “And despite the lockdown, I’ve actually been getting a lot more attention from women.”

And he’s not alone.

Thousands of Victorians with acne and other facial ugliness say they’ve been given a new lease on life.

“Life is just easier with a face mask on,” says Peter Phillips, who has suffered with a horrendous looking mouth and nose region since birth.

“I’ll be wearing a face mask for years to come, even after the laws are relaxed. Thankfully, this is my new normal.”