A bleak combination of winter, Covid-19 and general laziness is forcing Sydney’s Ange Pulver to use reality TV to find meaning and purpose in her own life.

“I’m really invested in all the contestants on Beauty and the Geek,” she says. “So I haven’t had a chance to think about my career, love life and all those other annoying things.”

The 24 year old has been spending hours on the couch, focusing entirely on the lives of people she doesn’t know.

“Big Brother was great,” she says. “Right now I’m watching Farmer Wants A Wife and Beauty and the Geek. And tonight I’ll be onto The Bachelor.”

“It fills a massive void and I love it if Im being completely honest.”

Ms Pulver has promised herself she’ll turn her attention to sorting out her own life soon.

“I don’t even have a job or pandemic partner,” she says. Maybe when The Bachelor is over I can start thinking about all that other stuff.”