Ride share company Uber is diversifying into the lucrative dating industry.

Uber has launched a new app called Uber Single, exclusively for single drivers and passengers.

“It’s very similar to regular Uber, but for single people only,” says Uber’s CEO Honi Ondieke. “Passengers can select drivers they find attractive, and vice versa.”

Uber Single also has a rating system, allowing drivers and passengers to rate each other.

“I’ve got high standards,” says Uber Single driver Andrew Hindmarsh. “I won’t pick up anything less than a 4.8, unless I’m really strapped for cash.”

The app also has an ‘Uber Single Pool’ option, for passengers to ride with other single passengers.

“We’re combining transport and dating, so drivers and passengers can utilise their time more effectively,” says CEO Honi Ondieke.

“Actually, most people say traditional dating apps are a waste of time!”