Uber has announced a new service aimed at consumers who don’t feel like conversing with drivers.

“Sometimes passengers are just not in the mood to talk, we get that,” says Uber’s Head of User Experience Phil Bridge.

The new service, called UberSilent, will soon be available for selection on the Uber app alongside UberPool and UberX.

“Our research shows that most passengers prefer chatting with, or texting, someone they actually know on their mobile, so UberSilent makes sense.”

UberSilent also sets out to address concerns from some customers that they’re getting rated down by Uber drivers for being reluctant to chat.

“This is no longer an issue with UberSilent,” says Phil Bridge.

Uber says passengers can still strike up conversation with their driver if they want to, otherwise the driver will remain quiet.

The service is due to be rolled out in November 2019.


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