DEFINITELY NOT OK: A Sydney CEO has taken a quick break from his oppressive rule over staff by asking them if they’re OK, and offering them a free R U OK Day cupcake.

In accordance with the company’s R U OK Day policies, he went round the office offering to “touch base” with staff.

“Have a free cupcake,” he said to each of them. “And also, R U OK? But please be brief as I need to get round to talk to everyone.”

Workers were left completely unprepared for his attempt at empathy.

“I felt like I was in a parallel universe,” one bewildered employee told DBT. “He actually listened to my answer and didn’t interrupt me to assign me more work.”

“One minute he’s denying me annual leave for my wedding and the next minute he’s wondering if I’m ok,” said another.

“WTF, he is the literal cause of all my mental health issues.”

A few hours later staff were told by HR their pay had been docked for the 30 minute duration of the company’s R U OK day activities.