Tinder Warns Users To Avoid Face To Face Dating As Coronavirus Spreads

The spread of the coronavirus is having an unprecedented impact on the online dating industry.

Dating app Tinder is advising users to delay meeting up with matches until getting to know them first.

“Take your time,” urges Tinder CEO Rob Kemp. “Talk to them online and via video chat for a while before meeting up. Always ask if they’ve been tested for Coronovirus.”

Similar warnings appear on the app when users swipe through potential matches.

“Obviously we can’t prevent users from meeting up, but we can warn them to be careful,” says Ronnie Marsh.

Tinder also recommends singles use hand sanitizer while on dates, and always wear face masks.

“We’ve also seen an increase in singles wearing face masks in their Tinder profile pictures,” says Rob Kemp.

“Obviously it’s not ideal for user experience, but the first priority right now is virus protection.”