Time needed to unwrap a mini easter egg, not worth the amount of chocolate: Report

BUYER BEWARE: Consumer groups have released a timely warning about mini size Easter eggs ahead of the Easter long weekend.

“They may be colourful and relatively cheap, but they can incur a huge cost in terms of time,” says head of product testing at Choice, Ralph Major.

Research conducted over the last eight weeks by Choice shows that unwrapping a mini Easter egg takes an average of 15.4 seconds, but only 5.8 seconds to chew and swallow.

“We’re warning consumers that the time taken to unwrap these small Easter eggs is not worth the amount of chocolate contained in them,” says Ralph Major.

“Especially for those people with busy and active lifestyles.”

Consumers say the findings do not come as a surprise.

“Those little foil wraps are so intricate and delicate,” says one shopper. “It usually takes me 5-6 seconds just to find the edge of the wrapper so I can start removing it.”

“To be honest I mainly buy mini Easter eggs just to throw at my friends.”

Choice is warning shoppers that they’re better off buying a larger size Easter egg, or even a regular chocolate bar, like a Mars or Snickers.

DBT contacted the Department of Fair Trading for comment, but at press time they’re yet to respond to our request.