ROAD SAFETY: A new report shows thanking drivers while walking over pedestrian crossings can make you 94% safer.

“It’s just a little friendly acknowledgement from the pedestrian, just to make sure they don’t get run over,” says Max Sebel of Road Safety Australia.

The research shows pedestrians who don’t wave at drivers are significantly more likely to be the victim of a hit and run.

“Even if the car has already come to a complete stop, we recommend offering at least a small wave to all drivers as you walk over a crossing,” says Max Sebel.

“Also – if you can – take a long hard look at their license plate, just in case they do end up  trying to run you over.”

The research comes after a recent spate of pedestrian hit and run incidents in New South Wales.

“Pedestrians are losing their manners, unfortunately. A little wave goes a long way.”