Dale Bradley has been talking up a storm while watching the Super Bowl with friends today.

“I love the Super Bowl and I love America,” he told his mates. “You really have to go there to feel to vibe of the place.”

The 28 year old Dover Heights man says he has a “special affinity” with the USA after visiting New York and L.A on a 8-day Contiki tour in 2019.

“My tour group went to Venice Beach in Los Angeles. It was crazy, you should’ve seen some of the buskers there!”

Despite acting like a U.S expat, wearing his cap backwards and holding a gridiron ball, it’s understood Dale Bradley has zero knowledge or understanding of NFL.

“Gridiron is so much better than the NRL I reckon,” he says. “And how good are the ads they show on TV during the Super Bowl!?”

“I swear sometimes I think I was meant to be an American. I’m dying to go back.”

More to come.