Sydney Man Lists His Cryptocurrency Portfolio On His Tinder Bio

A Sydney man has listed his $22,000 cryptocurrency portfolio in the ‘About Me’ section of his Tinder bio.

Eddy Morgan says he wants to give his Tinder matches a clear picture of what he’s interested in.

“I love my crypto!” he told DBT. “Crypto is the future and currently I have a lot of it! First you get the crypto, then you get the ladies haha.”

The 27 year old says his Tinder bio used to say he’s into ‘fast cars and fine dining.’

But the recent rapid increase in the value of Bitcoin led him to re-think his bio.

“The only problem is that I’m forced to constantly update my bio as Crypto prices change,” he says.

“I’m adjusting the numbers every few minutes as I want to give potential matches an accurate reading of what my portfolio is worth.”

The insurance salesman predicts that in eight years time the global economy will be completely cashless.

“..But I still withdraw $300 cash from the ATM every weekend to buy coke haha.”

Mr Morgan says he’s had his Bitcoin since the start of the 2017 boom, but it’s understood he still lives at home with his parents.