Sydney family of four who can’t afford their power bills forced to spend evenings at Vivid

LET THERE BE LIGHT: In a twist of irony befitting the times, a Sydney family grappling with exorbitant power bills has found an illuminating solution: spending their evenings at Vivid Sydney.

The Hoggart’s recently found themselves facing an impossible choice: pay their power bill or eat dinner in the dark.

They chose the latter, but instead of staying home, the family of four are embracing the neon glow of Vivid, setting up each night at Circular Quay.

“It’s not ideal,” says father of two Mark Hoggart, a part-time David Beckham impersonator.

“Vivid is crowded and cold, so potentially a bit annoying from that perspective.”

“But we’ve been coming here every evening between 6pm and 10pm, then we go home to sleep.”

The family’s alternative is sitting at home in the dark without any power, after Mark Hoggart missed his last three payments.

“We’ll just keep on coming to Vivid at night,” says Mark Hoggart’s wife Peta.

“We’re charging our phones at public outlets and letting the kids run around the installations, so all good.”