BLACK MARKET: As Sydney enters its third week of lockdown, a local cocaine dealer is taking advantage of hair salon closures by also offering illegal home visit haircuts.

“It’s a handy two in one service,” says Tony Werkhoven. “I’m in very high demand at the moment, especially in the eastern suburbs.”

The 36 year old cocaine dealer and delivery driver says he studied hairdressing at TAFE 13 years ago.

“People are so desperate for a haircut, the quality of the job doesn’t actually matter that much,” he says.

“As long as I also come with the party favors, everyone is usually pretty happy.”

With no end in sight for Sydney’s lockdown, Tony Werkhoven says he’ll continue providing his two in one service, despite it being illegal under current public health orders.

“I have to keep it low profile, but I’m pretty used to that,” he says.