It’s the well-known greeting call shouted out by sushi train workers as customers enter the store.

“We’re always meant to scream out ‘Irasshaimase,’ which means welcome,” says Haruto Ito, who has been working at the ‘Soi’ sushi train in Bondi Junction for 3 months.

But Haruto Ito has been sacked after failing to scream it out loudly enough.

“He needed to lift his game,” says store manager Sora Saito. “He’d already been reprimanded twice. Three strikes and you’re out.”

Haruto Ito says he feels screaming at customers and drawing attention to them the second they walk in is way too intense.

“I think customers just want to enter in peace and quiet without everyone looking at them,” he says. “They’re here for sushi, not social activity with staff.”

Either way, Haruto says he plans to remain in the hospitality industry.

“Maybe I can get a job in a normal restaurant where I don’t need to pretend to be excited every time a customer arrives.”